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They say what goes around comes around in this merry go-round of life
I’ve paid for my mistakes more than twice
Unfortunate to have a fortune at younger life
Sparked a light to want things that were nice
So I spent my nights chords Group 1 Crew - Livin’ The Life lyrics lyrics tapping on a beat machine
I lost sleep so I wouldn’t have to lose my dreams
Chose Christ an forgot about what Pablo needs
And Since then he’s met all of Pablo’s needs
A better life than this is hard to believe
I don’t own a Bentley or a house in the Keys
I plant seeds in the garden of eternity
So when the future comes my life will everything that it needs

I used to be that little boy who always fiddled
with good and bad lifes a joke and I would cord kord chord Group 1 Crew - Livin’ The Life lyrics kunci gitar play the riddle
I used to play it off the monkey in the middle
fickle I was and did what
tickled my fancy this kiddo was tryin to be a man
but I couldn’t understand in order to live I
had to put my flesh to rest
so nighty night manny
dream of grammys and mammy cookin’ your favorite dish
as you wish for cameos and I know
that my life is so much better now and it shows
that I’ve grown your grace it taught lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Group 1 Crew - Livin’ The Life lyrics download mp3 me how
to make the best of this life cause after
all it’s the only one that I got so I’m glad I answered your call

It doesn’t matter where you’re from
it matters where you’re at
let me hear ya holla back oh ya [x2]

You see my life hasn’t always been a nice bouquet of roses
I remember when we had nothing I
was left wishing and hoping
that there’s more that can make me happy
than the life that you see on TV
but you came and you showed me what it means
to live life in the way it was meant to be

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